July 19, 2018

Think Wood Builds Strategic Relationships with Pro-Wood Experts at AIA 2018

This year’s American Institute of Architects (AIA) annual conference was in New York City, a high-profile opportunity where Think Wood’s striking new pro-wood displays showed what’s possible in wood construction to a highly engaged audience of architects, builders, and developers. Think Wood helped create a unified wood presence, capturing quality leads for WoodWorks, American Wood Council, NELMA, WWPA, and SFPA to assist and provide detailed answers to specific project questions. High-profile, in-person events continue to be another a strong driver of building trust while maintaining awareness and open lines of communication across these SLB-funded programs.

Expert Hour at AIA
Think Wood hosted a first-ever Expert Hour that proactively brought together 20 experts with experience in building and planning prominent wood structures. This group of architects and engineers came together to discuss and share their current projects and lessons learned with each other, media and attendees.  By bringing together a high caliber group of pro-wood experts from the design industry, Think Wood continues to play a role in fertilizing the critical professional collaborations to seed the design teams that are critical for getting innovative wood structures built.

Think Wood facilitated numerous media interactions including discussions with ArchDaily to provide story ideas for potential upcoming features and The Architect’s Newspaper to serve as a follow-up to their initial mass timber issue.