About SLB


The Softwood Lumber Board (SLB) is an industry funded initiative established to promote the benefits and uses of softwood lumber products in outdoor, residential, and non-residential construction. Programs and initiatives supported by the SLB will focus on increasing the demand for appearance and softwood lumber products in the United States.

SLB Investments continue to generate incremental demand

The SLB’s first term, from 2012-2019, resulted in significant diversified growth for softwood lumber.

The referendum to continue the SLB has passed with overwhelming support. See the SLB press release and the USDA press release.

The SLB is looking forward to continued growth during the organization’s second term.

The Impact of the Softwood Lumber Industry

new report by Forest Economic Advisors (FEA), commissioned by the Softwood Lumber Board (SLB), highlights the importance of softwood lumber manufacturing to the U.S. economy and, in particular, the health of rural communities. Through both direct manufacture and via downstream industries that use softwood lumber as a primary input, FEA estimates that 775,674 jobs, with a total payroll of more than $46 billion, are tied to the softwood lumber manufacturing industry. These jobs, found in 515 operating sawmills, impact 470 mostly rural communities across 32 states.

Using wood obtained through sustainable forestry practices in green building applications promotes a healthy environment and a strong economy. A recent lifecycle analysis found that harvesting, transporting, manufacturing, and using wood in lumber and panel products in building yields fewer air emissions–including greenhouse gases–than the resource extraction, manufacture, and use of other common building materials. In fact, wood-based wall systems can require significantly less total energy for manufacturing than thermally comparable houses using other materials.

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