Board & Committees


Hitchcock Center for the Environment / Photo Credit: Peter Vanderwarker

Board of Directors

The Softwood Lumber Board has 14 Directors, including 10 domestic manufacturers and four importers, all softwood lumber CEOs and industry leaders appointed by the USDA Secretary under provisions of the Commodity Promotion, Research, and Information Act of 1996. Representation on the Board is proportional to regional production, and domestic manufacturers and importers of a variety of softwood lumber products from a broad range of size and type of company are represented. Members can serve up to two consecutive three-year terms.

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The Softwood Lumber Board has created four standing committees:

Executive Committee

  • Caroline Dauzat, Board Chair
  • Ray Ferris, First Vice Chair
  • Brian Luoma, Second Vice Chair
  • Jim Neiman, Treasurer
  • Brad Thorlakson, Secretary
  • George Emmerson, Immediate Past Chair, Ex-Officio
  • Marc Brinkmeyer, Chair Emeritus, Ex-Officio
  • Jack Jordan, Chair Emeritus, Ex-Officio

Finance Committee

  • Jim Neiman, Committee Chair
  • Eric Cremers
  • Ian Fillinger
  • J.D. Hankins
  • Fritz Mason
  • Susan Coulombe (Non-Board Member)
  • Caroline Dauzat, Ex-Officio
  • Ray Ferris, Ex-Officio

Industry Relations and Governance Committee

  • Brad Thorlakson, Committee Chair
  • Tim Biewer
  • Furman Brodie
  • Keith O’Rear
  • Hugues Simon
  • Todd Payne (Non-Board Member)
  • Ricky Stanley (Non-Board Member)
  • Caroline Dauzat, Ex-Officio
  • Ray Ferris, Ex-Officio

Lead Staff to the Finance Committee and Industry Relations and Governance Committee: Maureen Pello, VP Operations

Research and Promotion Programs Committee

All SLB Directors are considered members of the Programs Committee. Directors participate in regular program oversight, and Softwood Lumber Board meetings are planned to provide for a thorough examination of the SLB’s programs with opportunities for input from all Directors.

  • Brian Luoma, Committee Chair
  • All SLB Directors (Voting Members)
  • Marc Brinkmeyer, Ex-Officio
  • Jack Jordan, Ex-Officio

Lead Staff to the Research and Promotion Programs Committee: Ryan Flom, Chief Marketing Officer

Secretary Appointments

View the Secretary’s Appointment for terms starting April 29, 2022

View the Secretary’s original appointments