First Tech Federal Credit Union / 2020 WoodWorks Wood Design Award Winner / Architect: Hacker Architect / Photo Credit: Jeremy Bitterman



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WoodWorks is the SLB’s premier program for increasing the consumption and market share of softwood lumber in commercial and multifamily buildings. WoodWorks has the unique mandate of working directly with design and construction teams to support and influence projects, with the goal of facilitating a shift toward wood within firms.

WoodWorks’ approach involves two closely connected strategies:

Utilize expert staff to support projects from design through construction.

Comprising architects, engineers, and construction professionals, WoodWorks is a credible and trusted asset to design teams. Building designers often need support to expand their understanding of where wood solutions can be used; to minimize the learning curve when trying an unfamiliar design approach; to help overcome hurdles with building authorities; and to help successfully outline wood’s value proposition to clients. WoodWorks helps its clients realize successful wood buildings.

Leverage educational events to build relationships and secure quality project leads.

By hosting educational events such as wood design symposiums, lunch seminars, workshops, and webinars, WoodWorks reinforces its status as an expert while creating opportunities to engage with target audiences. Events focus on topics that give professionals the knowledge and confidence to expand their use of wood and open the door to project assistance.

WoodWorks provides a comprehensive package of support and education that leads design teams to convert projects to wood and influences those already using wood to stay the course even when issues arise.