Man building a wood building highrise


Origine / Photo Credit: Stéphane Groleau

SLB Funded Research Expands Opportunities for Softwood Lumber

The SLB invests in research in areas that stand to have the most direct benefits for the softwood lumber industry. The goal of these investments is to fuel innovation and to increase consumption of softwood lumber products. Diversification into new and emerging markets, including mid-rise and tall buildings, will result in greater demand and increased value for softwood lumber products.

The SLB has actively funded research as part of its broader softwood lumber promotion program since July 2012 and as a key means to multiply overall return on investment to the industry. To date, the SLB has delivered tremendous impact in developing and using research to address market barriers, increase awareness of the benefits of softwood lumber among building professionals, and, most importantly, increase the consumption of softwood lumber—resulting in 7.9+ bbf of new demand and an incremental $3.3 billion of revenue in the U.S. since its inception.