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Think Wood is a communications and education program supporting the softwood lumber industry in the United States. Targeting architects, developers, engineers, and commercial and residential contractors, the program builds interest and intent to specify wood in the residential, midrise, and non-residential sectors. Additional focus on architecture and engineering students ensures that when they become professionals, they are armed with the knowledge and awareness to advocate for the use of wood in their projects.

Since its inception, Think Wood has evolved from an awareness program to become a trusted resource for information about wood structural systems for the design and construction industry. Growing numbers of professionals are seeking practical, on demand resources covering a variety of wood construction systems available and education accreditation that enable them to keep up to date and create building designs using wood. Throughout this evolution, Think Wood has helped shift perceptions, increase positive sentiment for wood in the marketplace, and ensure that a community of professional and academic experts understand the possibilities for and sustainable benefits of wood construction.

Capturing the attention of these audiences and nurturing their interest in alternatives to concrete and steel results in a growing number of wood construction advocates.

Think Wood develops and distributes engaging content across its channels (including project profiles, stories highlighting trends and emerging technologies, case study videos, downloadable resources, and continuing education) to promote lumber’s value proposition in construction. Through online initiatives, such as newsletters and social media, and face-to-face interactions in collaboration with regional industry partners, Think Wood connects designers and developers to resources and tools that encourage them to use wood and then keep them focused on wood solutions for their projects.

When they’re ready to build, design professionals can access self-serve resources from Think Wood or the Wood Institute, or are introduced to experts at WoodWorks, who provide the hands-on support needed to specify or convert their projects to wood. By delivering qualified leads to WoodWorks, Think Wood serves as an efficient lead generation program that brings scale to WoodWorks’ project conversions. Think Wood continues to nurture highly engaged leads gathered over the life of the program, resulting in a growing number of architecture, engineering, and development firms becoming advocates for wood construction systems.