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Photo credit: MOTO by Gensler, 2017 Wood Design Award Winner | Photo: Michelle Meunier


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Think Wood is a proactive North American marketing and communications program supporting the softwood lumber industry. Aimed at architects, developers, engineers, and commercial and residential contractors, the program builds interest and intent to specify wood in the residential, midrise, and non-residential sectors.

Since its inception, Think Wood has evolved from an awareness program to a familiar and sought-after resource for the design and construction industry. Throughout this evolution, Think Wood has helped shift perceptions, strengthen share of voice and positive sentiment for wood in the marketplace, and anchor a community of professional and academic experts, construction interests, and industry followers.

Evidenced by the variety of new wood buildings, it’s safe to say markets and customers today are thinking wood. Growing numbers of professionals are seeking practical, self-serve resources and education accreditation that enable them to keep up to date and create building designs using wood.

Think Wood develops and distributes engaging content (website, blogs, videos, images, and continuing education) to promote lumber’s value proposition. Through online initiatives and face-to-face interactions via the Association Partnership Program, Think Wood connects audiences to resources and knowledge tools, and more effectively identifies and refers those who are ready to build with wood.

In late 2019, Think Wood launched the Think Wood Mobile Tour exhibit which showcases the environmental and economic benefits of different softwood lumber products and their many uses in both residential and commercial construction. The mobile exhibit features a variety of activation elements that tell the softwood lumber story from the forest to the market. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Think Wood Mobile Tour has been off the road since March 2020. In the meantime, the exhibit has gone virtual with an interactive 360 tour on the Think Wood website. Current plans to relaunch the Think Wood Mobile Tour in person are set for mid-August 2021. Details and updates can be found at

Think Wood aims to engage with target audiences prior to making material and building systems choices. Multiple touch points deepen engagement and confidence with target audiences.

Through Think Wood marketing, advertising, communication, and lead generation and the Association Partnership Program, the Softwood Lumber Board supports the industry. This collaborative approach expands the awareness of softwood lumber, supports an integrated lumber industry presence, and maximizes the impact of the industry’s investment in its associations and the Softwood Lumber Board.