Funded Programs

Image of tall apartment buildings made with wood


Marselle Condo / 2012 WDA Nominee / Architect: PB Architects / Photo Credit: Matt Todd Photography

By investing industry funding collectively, this maximizes impact and expands market reach further than if any one organization acted alone. SLB-funded programs target different areas of growth by focusing on codes, communications, and conversions. Since the SLB’s inception in 2012, SLB-funded programs have generated over 12.6 billion board feet of incremental demand. The SLB funding has been focused on three core areas: code, communications, and conversion.

The three primary programs delivering initiatives with the support of SLB funding are:

American Wood Council

The American Wood Council (AWC) is the industry’s signature program for the development of codes, standards and regulations, design tools, and guidelines for wood construction that allow for the appropriate and responsible manufacture and use of wood products.

Think Wood

Think Wood is a proactive North American marketing and communications program supporting the softwood lumber industry. Aimed at architects, developers, engineers, and commercial and residential contractors, the program builds interest and intent to specify wood in the residential, midrise, and non-residential sectors.


WoodWorks is the SLB’s premier program for increasing the consumption and market share of softwood lumber in commercial and multifamily buildings. WoodWorks has the unique mandate of working directly with design and construction teams to support and influence projects, with the goal of facilitating a shift toward wood within firms.


SLB Education seeks to change the way we build by instilling practitioners, institutions, educators, and emerging professionals with knowledge of and preference for wood solutions.