October 21, 2020

The Softwood Lumber Board Seeks Grant Proposals in Conjunction with Wood Innovation Grants

West Linn, Ore., October 21, 2020 – The Softwood Lumber Board (SLB) seeks grant proposals in support of the USDA Forest Service 2021 Wood Innovations Grant Program Request for Proposals announced yesterday, October 20, 2020. The SLB and USDA have successfully partnered in the past to support the U.S. Tall Wood Building Competition, the Timber City Exhibit at the National Building Museum, the Think Wood Mobile Tour, and the co-funded WoodWorks – Wood Products Council.

The Softwood Lumber Board supports public/private partnerships to promote softwood lumber. Through strategic collaboration, partnerships, and programs, the SLB has helped elevate innovative ideas to increase the demand for appearance and structural softwood lumber products. This work has also helped strengthen softwood lumber’s position in the marketplace, maintain and expand markets for softwood lumber, and develop new uses for softwood lumber.

Visit the US Forest Service’s Wood Innovations Home to view past Wood Innovation Grants or apply for a 2021 Wood Innovation Grant.

Proposals to the SLB should focus on one or more of the following objectives:

  1. Increase wood use in the light commercial/non-residential and multi-family markets.
  2. Defend and rebuild share for solid wood in the decking and outdoor living market.
  3. Protect access to the markets for solid wood products through ongoing codes and standards work.
  4. Grow demand in residential and mid/high-rise construction through building system improvements and innovation.

Initiatives or projects funded by the SLB will need to lead directly or indirectly to the following measurable outcomes:

  • Increased market share for softwood lumber
  • Increased volume of softwood lumber consumed in the United States
  • Improve market conditions for softwood lumber producers

The SLB’s funded programs all started as ideas from people who know and understand the industry and how it is changing. With support from the SLB, those ideas were transformed into impactful projects and programs that have benefited the entire industry. The SLB maintains an open call for proposals and welcomes new, innovative strategies to grow demand for softwood lumber.

Proposal submissions will be evaluated against standardized criteria to ensure they meet SLB and USDA program eligibility requirements. Proponents are encouraged to review the following SLB documents:

Project Criteria
Proposal Guidelines
Contract Guidelines