September 24, 2018

Softwood Lumber Board Announces Key Appointment

As part of its aggressive five-year strategic plan and transition to new leadership, the Softwood Lumber Board announced today that Maureen T. Pello has been selected to serve as the SLB’s Vice President for Operations beginning October 1, 2018.   Maureen is a seasoned professional with a successful track record at the U.S. Department of Agriculture guiding USDA check-offs and marketing orders to implement solutions that work for industry and USDA.   She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture and an MBA in marketing and has 34 years senior level experience in management, business development and working with Agriculture boards of directors.

“As part of the SLB’s succession process we determined that Maureen is the right leader to take over as VP for Operations for the SLB,” said Marc Brinkmeyer, chairman of the Softwood Lumber Board of Directors.  “Maureen has a proven ability to achieve results and an impressive breadth of experience.  We have enjoyed working with her over the last nine years as she worked with our industry and are delighted to welcome her to the SLB.”

Maureen currently serves as a senior marketing specialist at USDA where she oversees research and promotion programs.   Prior to her current position she served as an assistant regional manager overseeing eleven California marketing order programs that covered 18,000 growers with budgets totaling $54 million.   She was also responsible for oversight of board financial operations, program compliance, and rulemakings, and worked with USDA Office of General Counsel and Department of Justice to defend and enforce programs.

“Maureen’s previous experience is naturally transferrable, and with her knowledge of the industry from her years of work with the SLB, she will be able to hit the ground running,” said Steve Lovett, outgoing SLB CEO.  “I am delighted to welcome her to the SLB team and am confident that she will help our investors and Board achieve a smooth transition to SLB 2.0.”