December 17, 2020

SLB Q3 2020 Report Now Available

The Softwood Lumber Board (SLB) recently published its 2020 Q3 Quarterly Report, which recaps the SLB’s progress in growing incremental demand for the softwood lumber industry.

The dramatically changing market conditions, and evolving supply chain dynamics in the construction sector, necessitated a review and refinement of the SLB’s go-to-market strategy. In Q3 2020, the SLB set out to validate previous assumptions, investment priorities, and scope as well as update end-use demand forecasts for both traditional and emerging market segments for softwood lumber. We look forward to continuing to receive your insights and guidance as we seek to take advantage of the many opportunities and address the challenges that affect softwood lumber’s market share.

Click here to access the full report in English and learn more about the SLB’s impact in Q3 2020. Click here to access the full report in French.

Download English Q3 2020 Report Now

Download French Q3 2020 Report Now