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The SLB takes very seriously its obligations to manage the industry funds judiciously. As such, funds will only be awarded if initiatives meet the funding criteria and priorities of the board.

Funding is directed only to groups or associations representing multi-company interests, and serving the objectives of a large geographical area with the US, or the majority of producers of a product category and that focus on creating benefits for the US Softwood lumber sector.

Softwood Lumber Board (SLB) funding should benefit multiple companies and interested parties and should not be limited to proprietary interests of any one organization/company. SLB will only accept proposals from existing special purpose industry groups or associations, and not-for-profit organizations representing softwood lumber products sub sectors or the sector as a whole. Preference is given to US softwood lumber product organizations, but applications will be accepted from others where clear and specific benefits to the US industry can be demonstrated.

To be eligible for funding by the SLB all initiatives must be focused on softwood lumber markets and:

  1. Demonstrate the potential to create significant ROI, i.e. margin dollars relative to the investment made;
  2. Protect, maintain or grow softwood lumber markets;
  3. Have a clearly defined and detailed evaluation methodology with measurable benchmarks from which success and results may be assessed.

Preference will be given to initiatives that demonstrate the following criteria:

  1. Initiatives that have a limited term and/or have the potential to become self-sustaining programs.
  2. Initiatives with the potential to leverage SLB funding with additional third party funding; or, softwood lumber initiatives that demonstrate synergies with other funding programs aimed at growing the market for wood building products.
  3. Initiatives that have broader geographic implications or influence.
  4. Initiatives with an organizational support structure capable of assuring implementation.
  5. Initiatives that maximize the amount of funding devoted to program implementation.

Download: SLB Project Criteria